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Does He Doubt Our Relationship?

Posted by Merlin 
Does He Doubt Our Relationship?
August 09, 2016 12:16AM
Derritelo de Amor

As you rediscover yourself, know that a man can never fully complete you. If you appreciate who you are as an individual, then you won't be expecting too much out of your man. By being happy of who you are will result into less quarrels and fights and you won't be too concerned on how men think. When you are having trouble understanding him, don't overthink by trying to hard to understand men.

After looking at yourself, look at the relationship right in front of you. Are you happy together? How often do you go out with him? Do you still understand men in general? There are always signs in a relationship when things are going bad or good. Be very vigilant on the signals he's giving so you know how men think.

If he tries to fix fights as soon as possible, that means he's still working hard for the relationship. On the other hand, if he seems distant, then it's maybe time to leave him. Take note of the little things, because they will amount to much larger things in the long run. Just be careful to not be too insecure because it just might be a cause of more confusion for him.

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