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Health and Beauty Naturally

Posted by gajapriya7085 
Health and Beauty Naturally
August 09, 2016 02:54AM
Skin Whitening Forever

The advancements in skin care and maintenance today are very impressive. Scars and pimples are no longer something that people have to put up with. It's the same thing with other skin problems like warts. While it's not technically a skin problem, many people feel the same way toward moles. That is why it is now practiced largely.

What are moles and why do they exist? Basically, these moles are small, often dark, pigmented skin lesions, and their medical name is nevi. They all don't look the same because they vary in colors, sizes and shapes. Congenital moles appear directly from birth, while some people's they appear later in life. These are referred to as acquired moles. They are common and it's not strange to have them appear; however, there are people who are more prone to them than others. The number of it in a person largely depends on physiology. You would probably even notice how fair-skinned people have more of them.

Heredity can also be blamed for it. My cousin has quite a number of it all over her body and no one was surprised, considering how her mother also had a substantial amount of them since she was young and she never really bothered to consider undergoing any form of removal methods for them. These are referred to as atypical or dysplastic moles. The appearance of atypical or dysplastic on the skin can also be blamed on the skin being exposed too long to the sun.

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