Figuring Out the Right Diet for You
September 20, 2016 01:37AM
By looking at diabetic diets that are also low in carbohydrates La Diete 3 Semaines they are much more lenient than this diet. The reality is that these diets are basically cutting a whole food group out of your diet. That is never good because your body uses carbohydrates. Most people do not realize that most fruits are laden with carbohydrates as sugar is sugar no matter where it comes from. The difference is that fruits offer you much more in fiber and vitamins and minerals.

Both of these diets allow unlimited fats such as butter. Meats are another food group that you can have as you will get some of your blood sugar from the digestion of the meat. The initial phase of both diets is about two weeks then you go on a less restrictive diet but not very much.

These diets are very hard on your body as anytime you remove a food group and replace it with foods you are not accustomed to is hard. The other downside is that as long as you stay on the diet carbohydrates are always restricted and generally not allowed.
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