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Girl's Drinks and Their Meanings

Posted by skokila 
Girl's Drinks and Their Meanings
October 07, 2016 05:11AM
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Are you nervous about the second date? If you are dating online and don't know your date through friends, this can be a key time where you decide what you think about her. It is during the second date that you get to know each other better so that you can filter out bad options. Here are some good tips for your second date.

The first date is about establishing if there is chemistry. The second date is where you get a sense of where it is going. Because you are getting to know each other, you want her to know where you are in the dating process. For example, are you looking for something really serious or casual? Do you plan to take things really slowly or are you more forward than that? This date sets where you are at with her and lets her know your comfort level. This is also the time to set the type of behavior that you want. For example, if she is nice, then highlight that. If she does something you don't like, let her know. This cements your ideals and lets her know both what you expect from her and what she can expect from you. It makes the dating experience ten times easier later on in the relationship.

Secondly, have a filtering mentality. You want to make sure she is your type so notice trends and habits she has. For example, she may have had a forgivable flaw in the first date that you might have dismissed. If she does it in the second date (i.e. over talker, rude, insincere), take it more seriously.
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