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Article Marketing Strategy

Posted by mukesh0810 
Article Marketing Strategy
October 08, 2016 04:23AM
The point of this story is that when you're looking for great investments, location does matter, but maybe not the way you think. I've made money on houses right next to gas stations, houses next Dream Catcher Review to freeways, and houses in slums.How did I know those houses would be profitable? Part of it is instinct. But the other part is considering how the house looks. Cute houses sell. Let me repeat. CUTE sells. It sells puppies and it sells houses. If the house is in a bad location - but I can still make it look cute, it'll sell.Oh, there is one more thing. It will only sell if I pay attention to another great real estate investment adage: Buy low, sell low. OK, maybe that's just my adage. I never buy in an odd location unless I can sell it for at least 10% under the conservative local market value and still make a reasonable profit.


So don't run away from investment properties in odd locations. If it can be "cute-i-fied" and you can buy low enough that you can also sell low enough, you'll make some money. If you're working with a hard money lender, be prepared to explain this reasoning. It's a great way to get started in real estate investing.Many struggling online marketers quit too early in the race because they find the internet vast like the ocean. Without mentors to guide these fledglings, they would certainly end up discouraged and disappointed. However, with proper guidance, they or even anyone can successfully launch their online marketing career and start earning money online.
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